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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Kalamazoo Pain Consultants

What insurance does Kalamazoo Pain Consultants accept?
Kalamazoo Anesthesiology Pain Consultants accepts many types of insurance. Please call our office at (269) 381-7246 for more information regarding your insurance.

How do I schedule an appointment?
Please call our office for an appointment at (269) 381-7246. You do not need a referral.

Where is Kalamazoo Anesthesiology Pain Consultants located?
We are located just off Centre – west of Oakland Drive – 7920 Kirkland Court. Please see Directions.

What kinds of pain do you treat?
At Kalamazoo Anesthesiology Pain Consultants all types of pain are treated. Conditions treated include acute and chronic low back pain, acute and chronic neck pain, arm and leg pain, herniated discs, arthritis, muscle pain, fibromyalgia, headaches, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, shingles, diabetic neuropathy, tendinitis, joint pain including hips, shoulder and knee, as well as cancer pain.

Does my insurance cover the procedures?
Medicare, Medicaid, and most major insurance companies cover procedures based on medical necessity. Coverage will need to be confirmed with your insurance company.

Do you participate with my insurance?
We participate with the vast majority of insurance payors and will bill all insurance companies as a courtesy to our patients. You are required to pay all copays and deductibles at the time of service.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?
You will need to bring your insurance cards, a picture ID and all completed paperwork mailed to you prior to your appointment.

My physician has referred me for an injection, will I get that at my initial visit?
We are a multidisciplinary clinic and as part of the evaluation process our patients see an occupational therapist, psychologist and pain consultant. In urgent situations we may evaluate and start treatment the same day. This will be explained to you when you are contacted for scheduling, however, most often injections will be performed as soon as possible after the initial consultation.

What is the cost of my first visit?
The costs of the initial evaluation will vary depending upon your diagnosis and what your referring physician has requested.

Will I receive any medication for my pain at my first visit?
At your initial evaluation the consultant will evaluate your condition and medical records to determine the best course of treatment for you. This may involve occupational therapy, biofeedback, injections or medications. Your referring physician must specifically ask us to assume control of pain medications.

Am I able to self refer?
Patients may self refer, however, all patients are required to be under the care of a primary care physician and we will need to obtain medical records to determine what treatment options have been attempted and what we can offer you in the future.

What do I need for an appointment with injections?
You will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment. If you are having sedation you may not eat or drink 8 hours prior to your appointment. You will also need to check with the clinic staff prior to your appointment if you are taking any blood thinners.

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We are located just off of Centre Avenue in Portage, MI.
Visits and most services provided at:
7920 Kirkland Court
Portage, MI 49024

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