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Pain Treatment Q & A

I suffer from low back and left leg pain. After obtaining an MRI, my physician talked about sending me for a surgical consultation. Do I have any options before considering surgery?

A. There are multiple options to be tried before the option of back surgery is explored. Frequently patients derive benefit from steroid injections such as epidural steroid injections or selective nerve blocks. These injections can help decrease the inflammation causing you pain. Physical therapy, with emphasis on strengthening the back and abdominal muscles is frequently overlooked, but important. Weight loss is also usually needed. Finally, non-traditional pain medications such as anti-seizure medications are better tolerated and safer than analgesics such as narcotics. With a well-rounded pain program, patients can frequently avoid surgery and improve their quality of life. Call the physicians at Kalamazoo Anesthesiology Pain Consultants - relief is just a phone call away.

I have hip pain and I suspect arthritis may be playing a role, what can be done?

A. There are multiple causes of hip pain. Certainly an evaluation must consider the various causes. If arthritis, bursitis or tendonitis are the causes, treatment options can include medication and physical therapy. An injection by a physician may also help to reduce the pain and make exercise more comfortable. Call the physicians at Kalamazoo Anesthesiology Pain Consultants - relief is just a phone call away.

I get pain in my head that feels like a rubber band is wrapped around it. What is causing this?

A. Tension headaches, also known as muscle contraction headaches, are the most common headaches afflicting patients. Tension-type headaches simply mean nonvascular, but can involve muscle or neck problems. It can involve one or both sides of the head, and often involves pain near the eyes. Sleep, work, and relationships are often disturbed. Headaches can occur frequently. The key is recognition. Treatment can include medications, biofeedback, therapy, and injections. Call the physicians at Kalamazoo Anesthesiology Pain Consultants - where relief is just a phone call away.

My tailbone hurts when I sit down or ride in a car. What can I do? Can you help me?

A. Tailbone pain (coccyxdynia) is a relatively common problem, sometimes caused by childbirth, falling down or trauma. The cause is undetermined in approximately 35% of cases. Treatment can be accomplished with anti-inflammatory medication or a single injection. A proper diagnosis and treatment is key. Sitting down without pain - now that's worth a visit to the Pain Consultants and a board certified pain physician. Call the physicians at Kalamazoo Anesthesiology Pain Consultants - relief is just a phone call away.

I have back pain. What is a "nerve block" and how does it help my pain?

A. Nerve blocks are used for temporary or long-term pain relief. Nerve blocks also are used to help diagnose the pain problem. Blocks are performed with local anesthetic alone, or with a low dose of steroid. Risks are low, and the reward to the patient can be significant. The nerve itself is not injected, rather the nerve is covered with local anesthetic. The injection is minimally uncomfortable because the skin is numbed prior to the block. Most pregnant women are familiar with epidurals for relief of labor pain. Epidurals are also used to help patients with low back or neck pain. Contrary to rumor, the epidural is safe and not uncomfortable.

Patients with muscle pain benefit from trigger point injections. Headaches may resolve with occipital nerve blocks. Diabetic pain, abdominal pain, and joint discomfort such as tennis elbow or shoulder pain, may improve with nerve blocks. Nerve blocks are used for many pain problems. The risks with blocks are minimal, and the pain of the injection is very limited because the smallest possible needle is used. The relief however, may be significant. Call us for an evaluation or contact your physician for a referral.

I have pain between my low back and buttocks. Activity makes the pain worse, there is some relief with heat and rest. This aching, constant pain is interfering with my life and sleep. Can you help?

A. The pain you have is likely related to your sacroiliac joint. There is help. Medications and physical therapy including myofascial release or trigger point modalities may prove beneficial. Depending on the cause of the pain, trigger point injections and epidural steroid injections may be required. In summary, treatment of back pain is most successful as a team effort between patient and board certified pain physicians. Call the physicians at Kalamazoo Anesthesiology Pain Consultants and remember - relief is just a phone call away.

I have diabetes and my feet hurt and are numb. Why?

A. People with diabetes can develop severe pain, weakness and numbness. It usually involves the feet and lower legs. The cause may be related to blood flow, and the lack of oxygen and nutrients. Smoking and alcohol can worsen symptoms. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy can occur suddenly, but it's usually a slow developing problem, and can be quite painful. It usually is in the feet, occasionally the hands. Numbness, tingling and burning pain can occur and symptoms are often worse in the evening. Loss of balance can be a side effect. Diabetes can affect all major organs.

While the pain can be severe, it is preventable. Proper pain management with medications, blocks, and therapy can be very beneficial. The patient can significantly reduce the suffering related to diabetes. Call the physicians at Kalamazoo Anesthesiology Pain Consultants - relief is just a phone call away.

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